Landy Guitar & Amplifier Pack

Photo of Landy Guitar & Amplifier Pack

Three string fretless guitar with matching battery powered Guitar Amplifier.

Both the guitar and amp are made from recycled matching 35mm projector slide cases.


Mahogany neck recycled from a conservatory,

Thru-neck and string-thru for loads of sustain!,

Camel bone nut (food by-product)

Grover style tuners, 

Front and side fret-markers with brass screw dots,

Quality single coil pickup,

Recycled key bridge,

‘Sink-strainer’ sound-hole covers,

Volume and tone controls with chicken-head knobs,

Guitar opens up to reveal hidden compartments for a hip-flask and copper guitar slide (both included)!


The front face of the amp is a recycled pub table made of solid mahogany,

Powered by a single 9 volt battery, the amp is from a Marshall Ms4 practice amp and is pretty darn loud!

‘Sink strainer’ kick grilles,


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