Rev. Gallo

Photo of Rev. Gallo

Something a little special here. I stripped out a vintage HMV heater and turned it into an amp. One of the parts was the heating element, made of a circular array of springs. The idea was to see if i could use the elements and use it as a built-in reverb tank for the guitar. The element itself was a perfect fit for the interior of the two-bottle wine box, so we had a good head start!

The neck is from an old oak table, and rather than have the neck going through like most of my other builds, I had it shoulder mounted to give the maximum air space for the element.

The element itself is powered by a modified Treadstone T3 piezo pickup, going into a blend pot that is engaged by a discreet flick-switch just behind the bridge. The blend pot (once engaged by the switch) also dictates the overall output.

The main pickup is the revered Artec toaster, going into tone and volume controls. a huge variety of tones available here!

The bridge is a off-cut of the table leg sitting on a brass trivet, and the nut is solid steel.

Volume, tone and reverb blend control knobs are brass radiator keys, attached on a panel underneath the lid (for strength).

A sound clip can be found here (reverb engaged at 0.29 seconds).


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