Cigar Box Guitar Pickup Kit

Photo of Cigar Box Guitar Pickup Kit

The best sounding and most rugged piezo disc harness of this specification on the market (or your money back).

After a LOT of requests, here is the kit form of the Treadstone Piezo harness.

If you’re building your own harnesses, these kits are great as you can tailor the lead lengths between pickups and volume pot, and from there to the jack socket.

This kit contains two piezo discs pickups, TT potentiometer, Neutrik jack socket, hook-up wire, and a piece of solder wire.

Primarily used for Cigar Box Guitars, but I’ve fitted them to ukuleles, regular acoustic guitars and stomp boxes. I use these myself on my piezo based Cigar Box Guitars (Treadstone Guitars).

The hook-up leads are 500mm lengths of proper equipment wire. They are the perfect balance of signal flow and flexibility. A length of low melting point solder will be supplied.

The piezos are my tried and trusted 27mm discs. These will come with flying leads approximately 90mm in length.

Volume control is the great quality TT electronics A500k pot. These have a slightly longer shaft than ‘those’ cheap ones as well as a longer spline shaft to accommodate the more awkward fitting control knobs. The spline can easily be filed down in seconds if it’s too tall.

Genuine Neutrik jack socket.

No instructions as different people have different methods….however, feel free to ask for a drawing on how I do them when ordering or study the second pic. There’s a wealth of open source info on wiring through Google etc. There’s plenty of wire in the kit to accommodate all methods.


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