T3 Piezo Pickup Rig

Photo of T3 Piezo Pickup Rig

The best sounding and most rugged piezo disc harness on the market, or your money back.

Hand wired jack and piezo disc pickup with a 500k volume pot. Built by Treadstone Guitars in the UK. No soldering required. Primarily used for Cigar Box Guitars, but I’ve fitted them to ukuleles, regular acoustic guitars and stomp boxes. I use these myself on my piezo based Cigar Box Guitars.

Lead length will be approximately 250 mm from the jack socket to the volume control, and then approximately 180mm from the volume control to the disc. This is an ample amount for pretty much any CBG but If you need a longer length, get in touch.

The piezo itself is 27mm in diameter. The volume control is the great quality TT Electronics A500k pot with a slightly longer shaft than ‘those’ cheap ones as well as a longer spline  to accommodate the more awkward fitting control knobs. The spline can easily be filed down if it’s too tall. A genuine Neutrik jack socket is also used.

Price includes 1st class UK Mainland delivery. Overseas customers, please ask for a quote (usually 3.49 GDP).

See video for a sound test using this rig.


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